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The 52 Weeks Challenge. Are you up for it?

Worried of not having capital to start investing? Have no idea on how to save money? Fret not. Take up this 52 weeks challenge and raise your first capital.
Let the capital grow!

Saving capital constantly could be a stressful routine, if you are still not familiar to it. It means you have to figure out where to cut cost within your daily expense and then save it. The most common mistake people make in saving capital is setting unrealistic goal and lack of self-discipline.

This 52 weeks challenge is specifically design to ease beginner in saving. It starts from an easy level, and slowly progress to large saving after 52 weeks. More importantly, by the end of 52 weeks, you could save up to a fairly reasonable amount that should be enough for you to start investing.

Help me to save money.

As we can see from the figure above, there are 3 columns, week, deposit amount and accumulated amount. The starting amount to be deposited is RM2 per week. Then an increment of RM2 per week is implied. So the snowball continues to roll and grow to RM4, RM6, RM8… At the third column, we can see that the accumulated wealth will grow even faster to a total amount of RM2756 in the end of the 52 weeks. 52 weeks is actually a year, and by the end of the year, you have your first capital ready for investment. That should be more than enough for your first trading. My first trading cost only RM1500.

Please, please and please. No matter what is the purpose of this accumulated capital, don’t stop depositing and don’t even try to spend it in the process. Try to just save and make sure you reach a final amount equals or more than RM2756. This is because interrupting in the process will break your saving streak, subsequently leading to demotivation to continue.
Now, what is more important about this RM2756 is that this capital can finally grow up to RM1 million! If and only if (1) you continue to take on this challenge every year (2) invest RM2756 every year into any investment that gives you 8% ROR per year; (3) don’t use or interrupt the compounding process.
Attached is an Excel file that allows you to keep track of your 52 weeks challenge. The second sheet also allows you to play around and see how much wealth you could accumulated. The variable is highlighted in orange. Good luck and have fun.

Tips for 52 weeks challenge:
If it is too easy for you, either increase the initial amount to RM5 / RM10, or increase the increment value. The 52-weeks challenge should be tailored to suit your financial capability.

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