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7 Ways to Earn Money Online in Malaysia

Nowadays, side income is not hard to make. Unlike the old times, you no longer need to be a promoter and to spend whole day standing in the shopping complex to get some money in return. Today, making money can be done online, which gives you more flexibility and comfortability. You can even do them right in your air-cond room. All you need to do is to turn on your laptop and start to put in some effort. So now, let’s have a look at several ways to earn money online in Malaysia.7 Legal and Tested Method to Earn Money Online in Malaysia.
If you are still studying and could not commit more time into online business, consider undertaking the task as an editor. Website such as Goody25Moretify could be a good start for you to showcase your writing skills for any kind of topics. Generally, you will be paid based on the number of views you have collected for your article. The rate varies, but generally you will only get RM7 for every 1000 views.
Difficulty: Easy
Earning: Low, unless article highly shared.
Offer your professional skills for pay in return. Do you have any special skills such as editing photo, designing blog, translating or building apps? If your answer is yes, try and have a look at the website below. The rate for freelancing could be quite rewarding, but just make sure you have the right skill.
Difficulty: High
Earning: Moderate (Up to $5-15/hr)

how to make money online malaysia

Easy, isn’t this? Just share out some cool news and you will get rewarded. However, the reward for this is always limited and could not go any higher. Nevertheless, easy money just by sharing. Check out 8share.
Difficulty: Easy
Earning: Low
Another easy way to get some money. Personally, I have not tried this before. But if you are interested, perhaps you should go and have a try at IPanel Online.
Difficulty: Easy
Earning: Easy
One of the most popular way to earn money online in Malaysia is by blogging. Developing a nice blog with a perfect niche could bring you a fortune. Yet, it requires a lot of hardwork and effort before hitting a success. But if you have a passion to share your knowledge and experience on a particular matter, start your blog now and monetize it!
One of the best way to earn extra money online in Malaysia is by blogging. Start your blogging with the best hosting site in Malaysia.

Popular ways to monetize your blog includes:
  • Pay per Click Advertising (Google Adsense and similar)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling advertisement space
  • Ask for donation to support your blog
  • Advertisement from sponsored posts
Difficulty: High and massive time required.
Earning: High, average around $500/month, and can go up to even $2000/month for professional blogger.
Forget about the conventional way of doing business. You don’t need a shop. All you need to have are a gadget and internet. And then you can start to sell your product online. In Malaysia, there are already plenty of platforms for user to do so. Some of the popular website includes LelongShopeeLazada, eBayCarousell and more.

Want to earn more money online in Malaysia? Start your online business today.

Difficulty: Moderate
Earning: High, if you find the right market to penetrate.
Not ready to start a business? It’s okay. You could still earn money as a middleman for certain websites such as Lazada. Always look out for hugely discount product. Then, promote them through your social network. If anyone hit the link to do a purchase with Lazada, you could earn commission for that transaction.
Difficulty: Moderate
Earning: Moderate to high, depends on product that you are promoting.
Above are some of the legal and workable method in earning more money online in Malaysia. If you have more idea, feel free to comment below. Good luck earning peeps!

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