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Must-have Apps for Saving Money in Malaysia

Looking to cut expense without changing your lifestyle? Want to get more value out of your money? Then, get yourself equipped with all these apps for saving money in Malaysia.


An online cashback platform that allows user to perform online transaction with various merchants. And more importantly get rebate at the same time. Some of the popular merchants that you might come across daily includes Agoda, Lazada, Tesco, Expedia, Airasia, Samsung and etc.

For every transaction that you do, you could averagely save 5% to 10%.
Apps that helps you to save money, Cashback by shopback.

Lazada clothing – 12%
Agoda hotel – RM30 (for every transaction above RM220)
Guardian – 6%
For first time user, you will even get a sign up bonus of RM5 when you sign up here!
Some of the cashback that I have made while booking for travelling purpose.

Hungry? Would like to dine in but are afraid of the expensive charges? Well, offpeak is here for you. This apps allow you to do a booking on selected restaurant. Most of the selected restaurant offers a 20% to 50% off.
Offpeak. Get discount when you eat!

Apps for booking restaurant beforehand. And get discount.

Check out Offpeak apps here.
We all have a habit to throw away receipts when we completed the transactions. But little did we know, that’s gold! Some of it, at least.

With MANIS, you can snap picture of certain receipts and earn points! The points you earn could be used to redeem voucher at AEONBIG, GSC and more.

Apps for snapping photo and earn rewards points?

What are you waiting for? Easy money without working. Download Manis now.
Another similar app which prompts us to snap the receipt and get cashback is CardPow. Cashback this time, not bonus points. It also introduces a ‘Spin the Wheel’ game to earn more POW points that would allow you to redeem for prizes.
Snap receipt and get cashback? Only at cardpow.

Download your Cardpow here today!

ps: I am using Windows phone so I don't have the privilege to use CardPow. Above is a photo of stranger. :/

That's it. Start saving your money with your superb smartphone, guys. Remember. Every ringgit counts. Instead of letting the money slip away, it's better to save it to complete your 52 weeks saving challenge. That would make you a capital to invest. :)

If you have any more idea which app could help to save money, do drop a comment below. Cheers.

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