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Malaysia Best Credit Card for 20s

You have finally secured a job and got a fixed inflow of salary. Well congrats very much! It is not easy to secure a job nowadays. Anyway, as the next step, you might be thinking, "Oh well, it's time to get a credit card." So, which credit card is the best in Malaysia for a youngster like you and me, who are still in our 20s?

which is the best credit card for malaysia college student

To be honest, this is a very subjective question. There isn't a definite answer. It depends on the lifestyle of individual.

Tips to pick the best card for you:

1. Find out which type of user you are.

Are you a shopaholic? (although I disagree with this kind of lifestyle, but I will just provide example here. Haha)
Be it groceries or retail shopping, you might consider Public Bank Petron Gold, which has its annual fee waived. Or save more with Standard Chartered Gold Cashback, but with a annual fee charge.

Do you use your credit card only to pump in petrol? 
For this, you can consider Citibank Shell Gold, Citibank Cashback, or even CIMB Petronas Platinum Mastercard.

A keyboard buyer? Online shopping fanatic? 
Think no more and go for UOB VOX which grants you a 5% cashback for online shopping! Or CIMB cash rebate platinum with no annual fee charge!

Looking for entertainment all the time? 
Have a look at Hong Leong Wise Card, that gives 10% cashback for all cinemas, Red Box and Neway.

2. List out your monthly spending allocation for each category of expense. 
This is a very important step in picking the right credit card. Look through your past few months expenditure and you will get a trend of where you money went. From that, identify the largest chunk of expenditure and focus on cashback on it. It could be petrol, dining, travelling or even shopping at bookstore.
beginner guide to choose the right credit card for malaysian

3. Find out how you want to be rewarded. 
Generally, there are three types of reward, which are cashback, reward point, and air miles. I would recommend to go for cashback. Unless you are a frequent traveler who would use the air miles point for good, it is not worth the troubles to worry about how to spend the accumulated reward point or air miles. Getting cashback is easy and it also helps in reducing your expenditure.

4. Try to look for credit card which has its zero annual fee, or those that can be waived for every 12 swipes per year. 
Annual fee could be a pain in the arse. Imagine you have to fork out around RM200 for nothing annually.

5. Consider how convenient is it for you to pay the bill? 
You can either pay your credit card bill by online transaction or visiting the bank. Let's say if you apply for Maybank credit card, but you don't have its online banking account while the nearest Maybank is 20km away. Would you still want to apply this card?

6. Determine where you spend your credit card the most? 
For instance, I might only want to pump in PETRONAS fuel. So it is not a smart choice to choose Public Bank Petron Gold. Ali always go shopping at Tesco, hence it is a smart move to sign up CIMB Tesco Platinum Mastercard.

7. Look for the free gift. 
Well this is a extra step. You know, everyone like free stuff. At least I do. Hehe. So, you might also consider the free gift coming along with the card.

8. Check out the special features of credit cards.
Credit cards dedicated to traveler such as Maybankard World Master Card gives us complimentary access to airport lounge and provides insurance coverage for flight too. Anyhow, most of the 20s will not qualify to get these cards as it demands for a annual income of 90k and above. Perhaps, the only choice we have is Airasia Citibank Gold Visa.

Useful Tools:
To ease your card-seeking mission, you might want to consider checking this 3 websites out:

All three websites provide plenty of information and features of credit cards, nevertheless, I love GoBear the most. This is because in GoBear, you can easily key in your monthly spending according to your type of expenditure, and it will automatically calculate out how much you could save with each card.
What is the best credit card for young malaysian

Type in your monthly spending according to the type of expenditures and let the system finds you the best card.
best credit card for 20s malaysian

Filtering out banks that you don't prefer and cards that charge annual fee.
Lastly, few kind reminders to you.

Again, as a young guy at our 20s (or a young girl at 20s), we are still too young, too dumb. Sometimes, the intention of impulse buying appears out of nowhere. And this is further ease by having a credit card. So, ladies and gentleman, please come your senses! Credit card is not a tool for us to overspend, but it is meant to ease our life, and to help us to save even more with our necessary spending.

Make sure you don't build up debt using your credit cardPay your bill punctually and in full amount. Don't ever let the debt piles up, or you will be spending your 30s as credit card slave.

Good luck peeps.

I do not wish to see you becoming a slave of credit card. Self control please!

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