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My exposure to stock investment

I was 20 years old when I had my first connection with stock market. That was 4 years back then, while I was doing part time job during my semester break. I was lucky enough to have few colleagues who were investing in stock market and had unconditionally shared their experience with me. Building passive income has always been on my mind. And this exposure to stock investing just came on the right time.

Since then, from time to time, I would pay a visit to KLSEi3investor.com to check out the stock market index. I also started a virtual portfolio to see how good am I in picking the right stock. It was another few months of month due to academic stuff before I finally made a move to open a trading account. At that moment, I had basically convinced myself about few dilemma and worries I had earlier.

stock investment for Malaysian begineer

Is this really a reliable source of income? Or is it a scam?

Yes, this is a reliable and legal source of income. It is not a scam. Investing properly could help us to gain passive income and increase our asset. What if I lose money instead of earning? Losing money is inevitable in stock market, even the experts experience this sometimes. It could be due to bad market condition or it could be picking the wrong stock. Doing plenty of homework and research before investing in a stock will ensure you choose the right one. Even though the price fluctuates in bearish market, in long term, you will definitely earn money.

Am I really ready and equipped with the right knowledge to start?
I know that I will never start investing if I continue to think like this. I decided to start in a small amount to see how thing goes.

Where should I get my initial capital from to invest in?
An initial capital of RM1500 is sufficient enough when you start investing. Don’t worry you do not have a big capital.

With that, I signed up for a ebroking account with Hong Leong and started my investment journey. I did my first transaction on the 8th of May 2014. Up to date, I have bought in 10 different stocks and have earned just above RM2000, based on a capital of RM8000 (I topped up later). Around 25% ROR in just 2.5 years time.

For now, my aim is to achieve financial independence by the age of 33 years old, 10 years from now. Definitely, that is still a long way to go and a tough course ahead. By the with right attitude and ample effort, I will be there.

Today, I started this blog because I would like to share and get more opinion. Hopefully, it will bring the required motivation and confidence to you, to every single young teenager out there. Let’s achieve financial independence a step earlier than it should be.

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