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About John Liew

Hi there. My name is Liew Chin Seng and I am the author of this website. Throughout this website, I will be using the pen name of John Liew. Below are some of my personal information, presented in the form of 5W’s to make things more organized.

Who is "John Liew"?

I am a Gen Y, born in 1993 in Malaysia. I am a typical Malaysian lad, who had gone through several stages in life just like everyone else such as attending secondary school, enrolling myself in an engineering degree, graduating and now found myself stuck in working life. Having a background of chemical engineering, I am currently working as an operation engineer with our local giant company – PETRONAS. At the same time, I am a part time investor, who spend time looking into annual reports and market news at night. Having said that, I am still enjoying my life. I am an adventurous person and I always get mesmerized by the beauty of mother nature. I enjoy jogging, doing gym, swimming and hiking. Running marathon and diving have been ticked off from my to-do-list. I am a backpacker and traveler. I love EDM music and I am a percussionist.

Why I invest in stocks?

I guess this is the main thing that you would want to know from this page. Well, the answer is straight forward, because I am sick of working endlessly for that salary to sustain my life. Since small, we were taught by our parents and teachers that we have to study well, get a degree, and next secure ourselves with a handsomely-paid job. This is the most typical advice and expectation that we have listened to since young. And hence, majority of us have taken that seriously to work hard in order to improve his living status. But is this really the right way to live? I doubt it. From what I observe in society, there are plenty of blue-collars professionals that have to work until their 50s or 60s before saving enough fund to retire. So how is the earlier statement true -get a rewarding job and work hard? Is this what life should be? What about the enjoyment part? To me, investment is a tool to achieve financial independence. With that, it means that I am no longer obliged to work, with the purpose of earning for living. Instead, I can choose and do work based on my personal preferences and passion. I could also stop working, without worrying that I have no money to pay for rental or groceries next month. I want to live a life, which I am in control of. I want to control the money of my life. But not to let money controlling my life. This is the reason why I started investing.

When did I start investing in stocks?

I did my first transaction buying in stock on 8th of May 2014. By then, I was only 21 years old. Before that, I have spent nearly a year to acquire knowledge on stock investment. At the same time, I have started a virtual portfolio to train my own investing skills.

What is my investing principles?

After some ups and downs, gains and losses, excitement and despair, I have opted and rooted for value investing. It focuses more on fundamental aspect of a company, whether its operation is profitable or not. It deals less with market sentiments and fluctuations in share price as long as the underlying aspect is still good. This also signifies that I will be expecting more income in the form of dividends, instead of capital gain.

Where would I see myself in next 5 years?

If everything goes according to my financial planning, 5 years later, I would have a portfolio with net asset of RM250,000. Considering a rate of return of 7% annually, that would be a flow of income as high as RM17,500 for that particular year. Divided by 12, that would be around RM1500 per month.
I guess this is it. That’s should be more than enough for you to know me.

Here, I would like to reemphasize that this site is solely for information purposes, and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any security. It is crucial to conduct your own research and homework before making any investment.


  1. Hi John! Glad to finally see you here. And your website is nicely done, I can see the effort you put in. Hope to learn from you! :)

    1. Hi Lynn. You found my website! Yup just started this website few days ago. Hehe. I think I have more to learn from you! Haha. Keep up the good work. and may 2017 be a fruitful year to you! :D

  2. Hi John,

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  3. Hi John,

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  4. hey there, I like your blog very much and hopefully i can have your contact and we have some talk.

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  6. There is a workshop on ETFs ...watch this http://moneyhacking.net/2018/03/15/etf-workshop-in-malaysia/

  7. Hi John. I'm Liana from Bursa Malaysia. I came across your blog and found it very interesting. Would love to connect with you via email so we can talk further about a potential collaboration. I look forward to hearing from you :)


  8. Hi John. It's Fazlinna from Principal Asset Management. Would like to invite you over for a collaboration. Do write to me at nooffazlinna.merican@principal.com.my
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  9. Hi John,
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  12. Hi John
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  13. Hi John
    I'm Shota, an affiliate manager. Please email me if you're interested in advertisement shota_aff@1xpartner.com


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